Our Services

Jewelry Repair:


Much like any investment, fine jewelry needs to be maintained. We encourage our customers to bring in their fine jewelry every so often to have their pieces cleaned and evaluated for any minor damages and normal wearing. If you have a damaged piece our jewelry experts will give you a free estimate. Our experts have years of experience in the repair of all fine metals. We can repair various types of common and unique jewelry issues. You can rest assured that we only use the finest quality metals for repairs. We offer a two week turn around on all basic jewelry repairs, such as: Ring sizing, Ring shanks, Chain repair, Stone replacement, Prong re-tipping, Earring conversions (screw posts, friction posts, lever backs), Arthritic ring shanks, Restringing, Bracelet repair, Rhodium plating, Laser Welding. Most of the repairs done through Grayson & Co. Jewelers are done at our off-site jewelry repair shop. We have made the decision to use an off-site repair shop because we feel it is important to provide our customers with the best service, the best price, and a fast completion time. Our shop is second to none… dependable craftsmen dedicated to quality work and reliable service; old world craftsmanship and new age technology! Our off-site repair shop has 8+ jewelers who have mastered their skills, having the same individual setting stones every day, the same individual sizing rings... they become virtually perfect and this expert experience shows in their work. Having experienced all types of jewelry repair we have decided that this was best for our customers and our own personal jewelry. All our packages are shipped with tracking and insurance, we feel that using off-site experts in jewelry repair far out way the risks of an under experienced jeweler ruining a customers prized procession.  Some jewelers may hide the fact that jewelry repair is done off site, we take great pride in the quality, fair price, and turn around we can offer.

Please, visit us soon for a FREE cleaning and jewelry evaluation.


Watch Repair:

Watch repair 

Watch band adjustment and replacement

Watch battery replacement

Mechanical watch repair

Stem and crown replacement

Crystal replacement

Cleaning and gasket replacement

Complete overhaul


Some of our other services include:

Custom Jewelry & CAD Design, Gift Wrapping, Insurance Replacement, Engraving, Appraisals, Diamond Remounting & more!